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Advantages of using North Shore Property Management is we maximize revenue by ensuring lease rates are competitive via ongoing market rate surveys. Relieves the owner of directly handling day-to-day property issues. We are committed to providing all those interested in buying, selling, or leasing of commercial property quality service yielding the greatest possible value to them. We serve as a liaison between owner and tenants.

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  • Rentals
  • Property Marketing
  • Maintenance Supervision


Short List of Clients

  • Ameris Bank
  • Skinner Brothers Realty
  • B&B Family LLC
  • Kenneth R. Kresge
  • G&G of Saint Augustine
  • Dixie Properties
  • F&H Holdings
  • JKD Enterprises
  • Jean Genovar
  • Ziff Properties
  • Phil Genovar
  • MMKA Properties

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